Arkansas Century Farm Program 

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  • In 2012, the Arkansas Agriculture Department started the Arkansas Century Farm program to recognize Arkansas’s rich agricultural heritage and honor Arkansas farm families who have owned and farmed the same land for at least 100 years. The Arkansas Century Farm Program is a voluntary program as each family chooses to submit an application and participate in the program. The program places no restrictions on the farm and offers no legal protection. There is no cost to the family to submit an application and participate in the program. Successful applicants receive a special certificate and a metal sign identifying their historical farm.

    Eighty three Arkansas families became the first recognized for the new program. Secretary Calhoun presented the personalized Arkansas Century Farm signs at events in Ozark, Des Arc, Stuttgart, and Batesville in December, 2012. As each family received their sign, a family member had the opportunity to say something about the history of their farm. The following 83 families are the inaugural class of the Arkansas Century Farm program:

    Arkansas County

             Clabourn-Dabbs Farms of Humphrey .

             Dilday Farm of Stuttgart .

             Lusk Veorster Farm of Stuttgart.

             Ancestral Lands of John H. Hampton of Stuttgart .

             Roth Planting Company of Stuttgart .

             Nichols Farm of Gillett.

             Charles and Jennie Wallace Farm of Tichnor 

             Milliken Farms of Dewitt.

             Nellie Lawson Farm of Stuttgart.


    Benton County

             Motley Farms of Bentonville in Benton county.

             Rex & Shirley Harper Farm of Gentry in Benton county.


    Boone County

             B and W Farms of Harrison in Boone county.

             Jolly Farms of Faulkner county.

             Grand Prairie Cattle Company of Charleston in Franklin county.

             Morgan Farms of Clarksville in Johnson county.

             Myra Johnston Farm of Coal Hill in Johnson county.

             Robertson Family Farms of Huntsville in Madison county.

             Oates Farm of Pottsville in Pope county.

             Rowlands Farm of Hector in Pope county.

             W.J. Simmons Farm of Lavaca in Sebastian county.


    Drew County

             James Larry & Janie Rabb Farm of Monticello in Drew county.

             Ashley Cockrill Jr. Farm Limited Partnership of Tillar in Drew county.

             Sellers Family Farm Limited Partnership of Tillar in Drew county.

             Cockrill Farm Properties of Tillar in Drew county.


    Lonoke County

             Morris Farm of Carlisle.

             Snider & Lewis Angus Farm of Carlisle.


    Prairie County

             Eans Farm of Griffithville .

             Steve Chlapecka Farm of Hazen .

             Hula Farm of DeValls Bluff .

             Waller Farms of Hickory Plains .

             The Hastings Property at D&C Farms of DeValls Bluff .

             Sims Family Farms: Blue Point of Hazen .

             Sims Family Farms: Town Acres of Hazen .

             Hosto Farm

             Strabala Family Farm.

             Elmer & Estelle Seidenschwarz Farm.

             Paul Plafcan Farm of Slovak.

             Wittenauer Farm 


    Washington County

             Henbest Farms of Fayetteville in Washington county.

             William F. Shreve Farm of Fayetteville in Washington county.

             Crawley Farm of West Fork in Washington county.

             West Farms of Prairie Grove in Washington county.

             Laney Farm of West Fork in Washington county.

             Miller Farms of Fayetteville in Washington county.


    Yell County

             D and J Fulton Farm of Dardanelle.

             Wallace Farms, owned by Patty and Ronald Wallace of Malvern.

             J.V. Hill Farm, owned by Georgia E. Hill of Arkadelphia.

             Simmons/Hayden Farm  in Jackson County owned by Ransom Hayden and Jane Simmons Hayden of Searcy.

             Kerley Farm in Randolph County owned by Ronald Kerley, Virginia Kerley and Matthew

             Dunn-Crabtree Farm in Randolph County owned by Sarah Dunn Crabtree of Imboden.

             Kerley all of Maynard.

             Oliver Farm in Fulton County owned by Frank and Oneta Oliver of Salem.

             David Gibson Farm in Fulton County owned by David and Seani Gibson of Ash Flat.

             Danny Gibson Farm in Fulton County owned by Daniel and Tina Gibson of Ash Flat.

             Don Gibson Farm in Fulton County owned by Donald and Billie Gibson of Ash Flat.

             Rickey and Glenda Kay Carter Farm in Independence County owned by Rickey and Glenda Kay Carter of Sulphur Rock.

             Ronny and Nancy Carter Farm  in Independence County owned by Ronny and Nancy Carter of Sulphur Rock.

             Larry and Michael Carter Farm in Independence County owned by Larry, Beverly, and Michael Carter of Sulphur Rock.

             William Scott Carter Farm in Independence County owned by William Scott Carter of  Sulphur Rock.

             William Henry and Janet Carter Farm in Independence County owned by Janet Carter of Sulphur Rock.

             Guthrey Farm in Clay County owned by Clarence and Estel Guthrey of Corning.

             Thomas-Smart Farm in Clay County  owned by Thomas Henry Smart of Piggott.

             Joseph Wyatt Harrell Farm in Craighead County owned by Nan Snider, Carroll McAfee and Alvis Snider all of Monette.

             Murphy Farm in Sharp County owned by Danny and Virginia Murphy  of Hardy.

             McCallister-Sutterfield Farm in Stone County owned by Linda Sutterfield, Patricia Hamlin, Eula Storey, Charles Jeffries, and James Jeffries all of Mountain View.

             Rushing Farms in Stone County  owned by Terence Rushing of Fox.

             Wanda L. Stewart Farm in Stone County owned by Wanda L. Stewart of Mountain View.

             Yancey Farm in Izard County owned by Jack and Margaret Yancey  of Brockwell.

             Morris Homestead in White County owned by Morris Street, Judy Cooke, Bruce Street, Scott Street, Josie Belle, John Belle and Just Belle of Batesville and Cave City.

             Granny Holligan Farm in Greene County owned by Carolyn Long Palmer of Paragould.

             Starnes and Forehand in Lawrence County  owned by Relton Forehand of Walnut Ridge.

    Arkansas County

    John Crum Farm  - 1911

    Wallace Family Farm - 1898

    Walter Shepherd Farm - 1892

    Dan Eldridge Farms, Inc – 1899

    R. W. Horton Farm (Alice T. Horton Farm) - 1874

    R. W. Horton Farm  - 1881

    A.D. Murrell Farm  - 1913

    Massey Farm  - 1912

    The Carle Farm Limited Partnership  - 1891


    Ashley County

    Coley Place  - 1885

    White Farm - 1882


    Benton County

    Homestead Farms  - 1860

    Bell Family Farm  - 1901

    Thomas Turner Netherton Farm  - 1899


    Boone County

    Ragland Farm  - 1898

    J. F. Eoff Farm – 1881


    Carroll County

    “Farr” and Mary Ross Farm - 1876


    Clark County

    Helms Dairy - 1907


    Clay County

    Mary Jo Latta Farms Inc  - 1913

    Darrell Dalton Farm – 1877


    Conway County

    Rehm Family Farm  - 1907

    T & L Farm  - 1904


    Craighead County

    Lamberson Homestead  - 1876

    Byrd Farm  - 1893

    Black Oak Farm  - 1891


    Crittenden County

    Gammon Farm – 1906


    Cross County

    S. T. Halk Estate  - 1887

    Boeckmann and Davis Farm  - 1911

    Charles P. Boeckmann Trust farm – 1911

    Dallas County

    Jimmy Jones Farm  - 1866 

    King Farm - 1857


    Desha County

    Adam Walker's Estate – 1905

    Whitehead Farm  - 1883

    McGehee Farm  - 1856


    Drew County

    Bulloch Farms LLC  - 1889

    Levin C. & Sue Handley Johnson Farm  - 1841

    Circle M Farm  - 1888

    Moore Brothers Farm  - 1894


    Faulkner County

    Burchfield Farm – 1911


    Franklin County

    Pine Holler Cattle Farm - 1885


    Greene County

    Thomas Farm  - 1910

    Carroll Farm  - 1912

    Perry Farm  - 1887



    Hot Spring County

    Bailey Farm – 1857


    Howard County

    Chester & Joyce Woodruff Farm – 1886


    Independence County

    The Moore Farm - 1913

    The Osborne Family Farm  - 1907


    Izard County

    Gaston-Barksdale Farm – 1901


    Jackson County

    Albert Nance Farm – 1899


    Johnson County

    Bartlett Farm – 1909


    Lawrence County

    D.L. Bilbrey Farm  - 1869

    D.L. Bilbrey Farm  - 1903

    Wallis Farm  - 1899


    Lincoln County

    Boren Farm  - 1909

    James F. Fuller Farm  - 1910

    W. B. Mauney Farm  - 1897


    Little River County

    Fleming Farm – 1901


    Lonoke County

    Walls Family Farm  - 1901

    Burl Houser Farm  - 1913


    Madison County

    23 South War Eagle Farm – 1845


    Miller County

    Jones Farm - 1905


    Mississippi County

    White Family Farm  - 1901

    The Crutcher Farm  - 1907


    Nevada County

    Munn Home Place - 1859


    Phillips County

    Toney Farms – 1898

    Turner Farm – 1900

    Scaife Farm – 1911


    Pike County

    Anderson Home Farm – 1895


    Poinsett County

    Pritchett and Herndon Farm  - 1909

    The Clem Farm  - 1902

    E. Ritter Estate  - 1892


    Pope County

    Gravel Hill Farm – 1905

    Murdoch Place - 1869

    David Oates Family Farm  - 1857

    Leo & Sharon Knoernschild Farm  - 1886

    Hughey Farm  - 1852


    Prairie County

    Holmes Farm – 1870

    Jane S. Lauck Farm  - 1905

    John Hook Farm  - 1895

    Feilke Farms  - 1905

    DeVore Farm - 1898


    Pulaski County

    Baucum Plantation – 1888


    Saline County

    Finley Old Home Place - 1907

    Helmich Farm  - 1890


    Scott County

    Keener Farm – 1893


    Sharp County

    Estes Farm – 1847

    Buchanan Farm – 1873


    Union County

    Bullock Creek Farm - 1902


    Van Buren County

    Eubanks Family Farm – 1896

    Newland Farm  - 1902.

     "The Farm"  - 1907


    Washington County

    The Theda & Dale Ezell Farm – 1878


    White County

    Haney's Farm - 1892

    J. A. Choate Farm  - 1889

    Todd W. Smith Farm  - 1886


    Woodruff County

    Mike Burkett Farm - 1874

    The Pulley Farm  - 1855


    Yell County

    Parsons Farm - 1900

    Evans-Neuhart Farm  - 1909

    Crow Farm  - 1898

    Cotton Farm - 1881

    Greenwood Farm - 1869